Spot On Dog Training Presents The Puparazzi Canine case files and Testimonials
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Sparky & Paisley

Meet Sparky a Terrier mix and Paisley a Lab mix. These 2 needed some help but we got it covered. Sparky would get aggressive with people on his property and would torment the other dog Paisley. After a one week board and train they not only did amazing but we got this awesome letter from their owner. Great job guys!!!

"We could not be happier with the outcome of our Spot on Dog Training We chose to have our 2 dogs complete the in board training (we know we aren't good with at home homework, so we figure we would give ourselves the best shot we could) I have never ever left my dogs before at a kennel (we always have someone come to our house)- it was hard to do this but totally worth it in the end and Sparky and Paisley were JUST FINE!!!! We sought out this training to help both dogs not be obnoxious when people walk by our house, as well as when they come to our door. Paisley would relentlessly pick on Sparky and Sparky sounding like he was going to eat the passerby - sparky is a rescue dog that has/had to conquer some fears. Paisley we have had since she was a pup and is a lab- full of energy. We also wanted to build confidence in taking them out in public and for them to have better behavior on leashes and ultimately better listening skills. Also better behavior when we have deliveries at the house, or guest coming to the door. Paisley and Sparky are doing awesome. People who walk by cannot believe the difference, in fact the guy across the street says he must get his dog trained. People think we have different dogs, it's a drastic change for the positive, the dogs seem happier, and we for sure are happier. Thank you so much Spot on Training. Mike also is great to follow up with, when your done with training, he isn't done with you, he is there for whatever you need!! Thank you Thank You Thank You! The Ballantynes PS: Any new dog we get in the future we will 100 percent use this same program with them! Absolutely worth it!"

-The Ballantyne Family