Spot On Dog Training Presents The Puparazzi Canine case files and Testimonials
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At Spot On! we LOVE chocolate and dogs so why not have both at once! Bear is a 5 month old 50 pound Newfoundland from Mentor! The Daugherty family called Spot On! because they were at their wits end with Bear and his mouthing. They had absolutely no control of him despite owning puppies previously. Bear would jump on guests and play bite mom and dad so much they had battle wounds. A week long board and train gave his parents time to recover physically and mentally from the stress Bear was putting on them. By the time he was done with his week of training he was no longer biting, jumping, digging and will sit and wait patiently until he is released! He also comes when called and is learning not to eat everything he finds on the floor. We are thrilled to have Bear as a graduate and know his family will continue to maintain his obedience moving forward. Great work Bear and Daugherty family!

"Spot on is exactly the right name for your training! Mike Joseph has a training system that is amazing. His trainers and staff are truly professionals from the time Jenn came to our home to evaluate she listened understood And explained the process making us very comfortable she left No questions unanswered a caring professional. I can’t say enough about Katie his on-site trainer the time And effort she spent is obvious in the night and day difference In our dog THANK YOU! Please let me explain, the frustration level we had not being able to make our dog understand what we wanted and his stubborn streak trying to be the alpha was at a point of becoming dangerous he was days away from going to a rescue shelter when he went to Spot On. I dropped off our MONSTER hopping for the best but still not sure. The dog that they brought back to us is beyond amazing he is a true angel Better than we could have ever hoped for the dog we wanted all along. THANK YOU Mike, Jenn, Katie and all the staff at Spot On dog training!! We will never be able to fully express our gratitude or say enough good things About your facility!!! Doug & Cindy Daugherty and of course Bear the now happy dog"

-The Daugherty Family