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 This adorable 5mo Dalmation is Rockit from Sagamore Hills. He was named Rockit because dad is in the Michael Stanley band and mom is the lead in the Pop Tarts band. Rockit needed to stop grabbing things off the table and to listen better in general. What a fantastic job they did with him and what a nice family to work with. Keep up the good work! 

Remember me?  ROCKit the Dalmatian? The puppy that got kicked out of obedience School for being "disruptive"??!? Well I just wanted to say, Thank you and to let you know that my mom and dad are very happy with SPOT ON's  training method and coaching. It proved very effective for me, who (they say) was completely out of control and driving my crying mother to drink!! The collar made such a drastic change in my ability to listen and be a good dog. It was a little hard for mom and dad's friends to believe that the collar merely TAPS rather than SHOCKS, because they of course all thought I may have needed a strait jacket. Anyway, it WORKS and mom and dad have a better puppy now....not PERFECT of course, I still like to try and get my way, but I'm on my way to becoming a very well behaved dog!! By the way, the training came just in time to prevent my mom's 19th nervous breakdown!! Thank you, Mike, for not giving up on me and being my most awesome trainer. 
- Rockit
(this message was approved by mom and dad)
Julie Matthews & Danny Powers