Spot On Dog Training Presents The Puparazzi Canine case files and Testimonials
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King Louie

Meet cute little adorable wire-haired year old Daschund Louie! The Riley’s called Spot On! because Louie's behavior was out of control. He would jump on guests and his human siblings (one of which is barely taller than he is when jumping). When someone would bend down to pet Louie he would get so excited and start jumping so much that he would accidentally head-butt whoever was bent over. He would steal his human sister's hair bows if she was wearing them and steal her toys if they were on the floor (so she had to play on the kitchen table). He would steal anyone's shoes if they were taken off and chew holes in any blankets or pillows making cuddle time with Louie non-existent in the Riley household. The Riley’s were at their wits end with this pup but thanks to direction and guidance from Spot On! and some impeccable work from mom and dad, Louie passed the Spot On! training program and is now a more well-rounded member of the family. Great work Riley family! Keep it up!

"Spot On dog training completely changed our dog! It was to the point where he was a constant annoyance- grabbing the kids’ toys, biting blankets and pillows, not to mention not responding to basic commands. Now he is a pleasure to live with! Our kids can play with toys on the floor, and he respects our commands now. Our whole family says he is like a different dog!"