Spot On Dog Training Presents The Puparazzi Canine case files and Testimonials
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This adorable Yorkie mix is Ollie from Mentor. Ollie was a crazy ball of energy prior to training and, while he still has his fun and crazy personality, he knows where the limits are and listens when he is given a command. He patiently waits while mom and dad answer the door, walks like a pro on a leash, comes when he is called (even at the dog park with all his friends around) and no longer yells at lawn mowers! Spot On! is very proud of the Daniels family for all their hard work. Keep it up!

"Ollie is a rescue and a great little guy, his only problem was barking aggressively at things that he didn't like, such as big dogs and lawnmowers. After the first training session we saw results! He no longer barked and lunged uncontrollably at other dogs/lawnmowers on our walks. We are now confident that we can take him anywhere without embarrassment or incident! He has met many big dogs the past couple weeks and does great meeting them. Before Spot On we couldn't even get close enough to meet! Jenn was a patient and fun trainer that made the process that much better! We are so thankful that Spot On helped get our dog socialized properly!"
-Sarah Daniels and Zac Bender