Spot On Dog Training Presents The Puparazzi Canine case files and Testimonials
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Toby & Dexter

This adorable duo is Toby and Dexter Miklowski from Euclid. The family called Spot On! to help with the dogs incessant barking and bombarding the door when the neighbor (and other guests) would come over. Toby also had a mild aggressive streak and would lash out anytime someone tried to leave the house or touch his owners (even just a hug) by biting their ankles or hands. Through Spot On!'s intensive training program and a lot of reinforcement from mom, the house is MUCH quieter, the dogs will wait on the couch while the door is answered, and Toby no longer attacks as people leave or hug mom and dad. The household is now much more calm now that Toby and Dexter are under control. Great job to all 3 of them!

"The training experience was truly enlightening. Our household is at lot calmer now that our dogs realize that they aren't running the show. Jenn was fantastic and I truly appreciated working with her. I would recommend Spot on Training to anyone with problematic issues with their Pets."
Pat M