Spot On Dog Training Presents The Puparazzi Canine case files and Testimonials
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This adorable guy is 5 year old French bulldog mix Carmine from Mentor! The Bowen family called Spot On to help get Carmine's incessant barking, humping, and jumping on guests under control before their new (human) addition arrives. After a few sessions with Spot On! Carmine has much better manners and actually respects mom and dad when they give commands. The best part.... Carmine will now calmly and politely walk next to them on the leash rather than pulling. We are so proud of Carmine and the Bowens family. Great job guys!

"We are very happy we decided to go with Spot On! Dog Training for Carmine. We learned tactics to help him better follow commands and allow us to have more control over him in situations where he became overly excited like walks and greeting people. It was really amazing to see him actively learning and even self correcting in some cases, we are so proud of little Carmine and appreciate the insight Jen gave us!"
- Sabrina and Bob Bowens