Spot On Dog Training Presents The Puparazzi Canine case files and Testimonials
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Cumbie (meaning 'buddy' in Italian) is a year old Standard Poodle from Mentor and member of the LoConti family. His owners had an impossible time teaching him how to politely greet guests without jumping or play mouthing. Mom and dad pulled through and worked with him so well that he can now hold his sits while guests enter the house calmly greet them on THEIR terms and not HIS. Fantastic job Cumbie and LoConti family. Keep up the great work.

"Cumbie is like a different dog. Jenn was great to work with and really knows her stuff; she was worth every penny. One of our kids joked that she must have kidnapped my dog and gave me a body double that behaves !!! Cumbie is now a joy to have in the house. No more wild jumping, mouthing, clothes grabbing, etc. He comes when called, sits and lays down, places on top of just about any object, stops doing things when he gets the "off" command, and we are now continuing the "heel" command on walks and he is doing great. I take him for a walk instead of the reverse. I will gladly recommend Spot On ! to anyone that needs dog training."
Dennis LoConti