Spot On Dog Training Presents The Puparazzi Canine case files and Testimonials
train puppy

This guy is Remmy, a Golden Retriever who flew through training and is always eager to learn new commands. Though, he has been through prior training, we took him to that next level. Now he listens much better, even with severe distractions around. Great job Remmy as well as the Grebenc family!

"Mike, Thank you for your insight and expertise with training our new puppy at Spot On! Dog Training. You explain things clearly and demonstrate technique so we can handle and train the dog correctly. You got Remmy off to a good start so hopefully we can avoid him developing bad habits, and if he does, I feel confident with your help we can correct them. I have never had a dog that actually "heeled". I feel so proud as I am out walking with my pup by my side and not having him pull me. It is a life changer, truly, to have a dog that is behaved. Makes for less stress, and a happy home for dog and owner. Thank You,
Jenny and Matt Grebenc"