Spot On Dog Training Presents The Puparazzi Canine case files and Testimonials
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Mudders & Halo

A warm Spot On! welcome to Mudders and Halo. Mudders would noisily bark at anything on the other side of the fence and Halo needed a doggy etiquette refresher. After some rigorous training, both dogs have kicked the bad habits and are now a part of the Puparazzi elite. Congratulations guys.

"Thank you so much for your help. We were really at our wit's end. The continuous barking outside was really getting bad, since there are so many distractions where we live. Thank you for giving us what we needed and now we can enjoy sitting outside with our dogs, and not have to worry about the noises around us putting our dogs into a frenzy. Thanks again Mike, and thank you to your assistant Jenn also."

- Sue and Tom Kohl