Spot On Dog Training Presents The Puparazzi Canine case files and Testimonials
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This furry female friend is Marlo. Marlo hails from Grand River and is a fun filled member of the Miller family. She was introduced to us with some obedience problems but overcame these issues with a little doggy discipline. Now this fuzzy gal is going places, and when she does she's courteous and well behaved. Congratulations Marlo. Keep up the good work!

"Sending a huge thank you to Mike and Spot On Dog Training for all of their help with Marlo! Marlo is a one year old English Bulldog who we adopted this May. She came to us with a stubborn attitude and some very bad habits. Marlo was very jumpy, bitey, and pushy around other dogs when we first brought her home. With Mike's help, we were able to stop all of these bad habits in just 3 sessions! The training helped Marlo adjust to her new home and lifestyle and she is turning into a calm and well mannered bully! She is more relaxed around other dogs, stays calm when people enter the house and most importantly, the biting has completely stopped. I am thrilled with the results of Spot On Dog Training and I would highly recommend them!" -Jamie