Spot On Dog Training Presents The Puparazzi Canine case files and Testimonials
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Say hello to Diesel. This fine fellow is from Mentor and is a member of the Ward family. Diesel came to us at a young age and had to be broken of some habits while we reinforced his good ones. After some rigorous training he has his head held high, for now he knows that he is now a proud member of the Spot on family, and a permanent member of the Puparazzi elite. Congratulations Diesel!

"Dear Mike, I cannot thank you enough for the training you provided Diesel and my family. It has made him into a very well behaved puppy/dog (many people have commented on how well behaved he is) and has boosted his confidence. He now walks with his head held high and with more pep in his step! Mostly you have given me peace of mind that when Diesel grows into his paws we now have the tools to ensure the safety of my daughter , that is priceless. So thank you again!" -Tina,John, Halle and Diesel