Spot On Dog Training Presents The Puparazzi Canine case files and Testimonials
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Manny & Missy

Say hello to Manny and Missy. This dynamic doggy duo hails from Strongsville and are proud members of the Andrews family. Their hobbies were chronic mischief, unruly antics and competetive barking. Now, with a little spot on magic, their hobbies consist mainly of being good dogs. Congratulations guys, on all of the hard work!

"Mike- We are so excited at the results we've realized after our training sessions with SpotOn!

Our dogs each had issues that were extremely challenging to manage...Missy, our "freight train with a nose" was impossible to control on the lead and her barking was out of hand. And we could count on Manny, our anxious antagonist, to lunge and growl at other dogs, cars, you name it--which made walking him a cross between a combat sport and a game of chess on most occasions.

After just 3 training sessions, we are a new family. The humans learned as much as (if not more than) the dogs, of course! - but you made it so easy to understand. And the progress was dramatic.

The best part is that our dogs are becoming more of a blessing every day...without the behaviors that drove us crazy. Wish we would have discovered SpotOn years ago. Who knew we could see such dramatic results so quickly--all while boosting our dogs' confidence in themselves. Manny and Missy are now (almost!) as well-behaved as they are loved.

Saying "thank you" doesn't even begin to cover it! The Andrews Family"