Spot On Dog Training Presents The Puparazzi Canine case files and Testimonials
Kiesel came to Spot On from the Almasy family. He went through the paces of training like the best of them. Now this Willoughby native has aced his training and is on his way to becoming a refined pooch. Congratulations Kiesel!

“Our dog Keisel is a 1-year-old German Shepherd mix who is full of energy and seems to forget sometimes how big he actually is. We adopted him when he was just 12 weeks old thinking that him and my oldest son, who is now 3, could grow together and form an inseparable bond. Keisel was very quick to potty train, but like most puppies he liked to chew, play bite and jump on everyone. Keisel would take toys away from my kids and chew them up, he would destroy almost anything he could get a hold of. When I would walk in the door from work, Keisel and all 75lbs of him, would jump on me almost knocking me done to the floor. My heart would break every time I had to put him in his cage because he was nearly impossible to handle. As the frustration with Keisel grew, I contemplated about getting rid of him. I cried even at the thought of it because I knew deep down he was truly a great dog that just needed some structure. I had seen Spot On! Dog Training at the Mentor City Fest parade, got the card and decided to take advantage of the free in home evaluation. When Mike came to my house, he seemed to know exactly what Keisel needed and gave me a little example of how the training would work. I was super impressed with the demo and we decided to go for the training. The guarantee, flexible payment options, flexible training schedule, and Mike’s professionalism was a major deciding factor with Spot On! After the first training, I noticed a complete difference in Keisel. He was listening and no longer jumping on people as they came through my door. I was also able to stop him from taking toys away from my kids and chewing them up. He now sits and stays when we need him to, he is much more pleasant to walk on a leash since he is not dragging me half way down the road. A couple days after each lesson, Mike would give me a follow up call to see how Keisel was doing and give me tips on how to continue and enforce the commands that we had learned in that week’s training. I cannot thank Mike enough for everything that he has taught me and Keisel. I am so glad I found Mike because now Keisel acts like the great dog I knew he was!!!!!!!!”