Spot On Dog Training Presents The Puparazzi Canine case files and Testimonials

This furry bundle of love hails from Concord and is a proud member of the Bowes family. Once Moxiee was an etiquette perplexed pup. Now she has the manners of a proper Spot On pooch. Congratulations Moxee!

"I have had dogs for the majority of my life but never one quite as "spirited" as little miss Moxiee... I was convinced that  she would never behave well enough to get along with my other dog or for that matter behave well enough to look away from where she was at for longer than two seconds. Thanks to you I'm no longer convinced that that's how the next 10+ years will be :) I have seen a world of difference already! Your training has turned us around in a very short amount of time and for that I am very thankful. (I know Moxiee is happy I'm not constantly yelling too!) Thank you!!!
Cynthia & Moxie"